Lawyers study the law and understand the complexities of how the law is applied to situations that arise in life.

Our goal is to provide clients with a proactive approach and zealous representation for the legal concern they are facing. These are the practice areas we specialize in but many of these areas overlap and include elements of each other.

The law is broken into two major areas Criminal and Civil:

Criminal law is all legal matters where there has been a violation of some type of  law. Infractions of law are called crimes and can result in potential incarceration, monetary penalties, and other forms of punishment as determined by the jurisdiction where the crime occurred.

Civil law includes all matters that deal with the private rights of a person or business.

General Practice

As a small firm, we have a general practice that handles various types of legal concerns from different practice areas. These matters can be both personal or business in nature that require either litigation or transnational work.  The benefit of being a small firm allows for heightened personalized attention to our clients.



Criminal Defense

Have you been arrested or are you facing criminal charges?

Personal Injury

We collect no money, unless you do. So there is no risk to you. Our client.

Property Insurance Claims

Do you need help fighting your insurance company for what is rightfully yours?

Civil & Commercial Litigation

Do you need help with protecting your rights in a civil or commercial legal matter?

Civil Rights

Have your individual freedoms or rights been violated?

Family Law

Are you dealing with a family or domestic relations in an emotional and confusing time?

“I can’t stand by and watch injustice.”

– Stephan Lopez