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Stephan Lopez is a Cuban born immigrant who came to this country at the age of seven years old and was raised in Miami, Florida. Stephan’s parents immigrated to the United States to give him a better life and he has made the most of that opportunity. Stephan’s parents were teachers in Cuba and have been hardworking members of the South Florida community since their arrival to this country. Stephan credits his parents for his family values and work ethic as he engages in the practice of law with true fidelity of purpose and clarity of justice.

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My firm specializes in, and practices law in the following areas: Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Property Insurance Claims, Commercial Litigation, & Civil Rights.

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“I can’t stand by and watch injustice.”

– Stephan Lopez


Criminal Defense

Have you been arrested or are you facing criminal charges?

Personal Injury

We collect no money, unless you do. So there is no risk to you. Our client.

Property Insurance Claims

Do you need help fighting your insurance company for what is rightfully yours?

Civil & Commercial Litigation

Do you need help with protecting your rights in a civil or commercial legal matter?

Civil Rights

Have your individual freedoms or rights been violated?

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     "I want to acknowledge attorney Stephan Lopez for his professionalism while handling my litigation. Lawsuits can be very stressful, especially when you are suing City Hall. Mr. Lopez truly has no fear and really fights for his clients. I have referred many family members, friends and even strangers who were looking for a good lawyer to Mr. Lopez and every single person I have ever referred to him has been happy with the legal services he provided them."
– Ali Saleh, Business Owner

"I was arrested for a crime I did not commit, and spent 33 days in jail for it. Attorney Stephan Lopez was able to convince the Judge that I was innocent and was released on my own recognizance and no formal charges were ever filed. You never know how important your freedom is until you lose it!"
– Floyd Hall

"I was falsely arrested on a new charge after doing good on probation for 8 years. The Judge was really biased against me and I could tell she hated me and wanted to put me in jail even though I was innocent of this crime. Mr. Lopez fought really hard for me, got the Judge removed from my case and ultimately got my case dismissed!"
– Iresa Bryant-Williams


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